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  •  • I have a website. Why do I need a SmartSyt?

    Websites have a job to do and SmartSyts have another.


    Imagine a website as a file cabinet with lots of drawers and "extra stuff."

    When looking for information, users are only interested in the folder they need.

    A SmartSyt is the "folder." We focus on the best path to response and increased sales. Period.


    We also deliver your content without ads or other distractions from our dedicated servers. Anyone, selling anything, can do it better with a SmartSyt! Learn more on the Ideas for Your Business page.



  •  • How much does a SmartSyt cost?

    SmartSyts cost less than a one-use, half page ad in many publications.

    The difference is a SmartSyt can sell for you continuously, 365 days a year, 24/7.


    Our fee is based on the initial design, programming and setup, plus a monthly fee for hosting and services.


    We also offer a range of additional options, including: video, audio, document and content production, plus SytServices to manage your campaigns.


    Volume discounts for multiple SmartSyts are available.


                              for details.


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  •  • What can SmartSyts be used for?

    The uses for SmartSyts are unlimited! Whether you're selling a product,

    a service, an experience, or proprietary content by subscription, you can do it better with a SmartSyt. For example:


    Better online selling: Give buyers what they need to know to buy faster

    Better product support: Information, demonstrations and instructions after the sale

    Better earnings: Sell direct without commissions or media cost

    Better customer retention: Stay in contact, special offers, bundles and VIP content


    See many more uses on the Ideas for Your Business page.



  •  • Will my SmartSyt ever have other companies' ads displayed on it?

    Never! SmartSyts are streamed from dedicated servers we control, not mass video sites clogged with irritating ads and distractions. When you use our products, they are customized uniquely for you. Yes, you pay for this service, but customers will thank you for giving them a hassle-free, better experience. Happy customers buy more products – and tell others!


  •  • Can a SmartSyt give me an advantage over the competition?

    It’s only getting harder for businesses to stand out online. With so many similar products, it’s easy for customers to buy from someone else.


    No one can sell your product as well as you and your sales team can. SmartSyts allow you tell and sell the way YOU want to. While your competition uses a few sentences and photos (boring!), you can present a better, interactive customer experience buyers will love – and respond to.

  •  • Will a SmartSyt bring me new customers?

    The bigger the net, the more fish you can catch. SmartSyts connect your business with more customers in new places from an unlimited number of locations – online, in print, on products and more.


  •  • I don't have a video or other content. Can you help me produce it?

    If you need to develop any – or all – of the content for your Syt, our team can build it for you or with you. Our deep roots as a brand-building, design-driven marketing company allow us to offer you a full menu of custom services.


    The technology we’ve developed makes a SmartSyt work, but our strategies and on-point, customer-focused content make it sell!

  •  • I already have a video and content I'd like to use. Can you review it?

    If you’ve already produced a video or other content, we’ll review it as part of our strategy consultation. It may be ready to use as is, or we may make recommendations to take full advantage of SmartSyt’s customer experience-driven capabilities.

  •  • Do I have to have to use all three types of media (video, audio and PDFs)?

    No. SmartSyts are extremely customizable. We’ll work with you to design a Syt that fits your needs. For example, you may only want to offer users a set of videos – or a series of podcasts – without additional content. Or, you may want to show one video “class” with several PDF assignment documents. It’s up to you!

  •  • I don't want to produce a full video. Can you create a slideshow from photos?

    Yes! Sometimes producing a full video isn’t possible due to time, budget, location or other factors. We can work with your quality images to create a “slideshow” that uses video-style effects. We can also add a voiceover and music tracks, plus an intro/outro for a professional presentation.

  •  • Can I host my SmartSyt on another server?

    SmartSyts use our proprietary programming and technology, designed to work within a system we manage and control – including servers. This is how we are able to offer ad-free, customized private service for our clients that's both efficient and secure. There's no need to learn any programming or download software, nor are cookies required for users to view Syts.


    In certain cases, for example large e-commerce businesses, we are able to offer APIs and other solutions.                    for more information.

  •  • I sell lots of products online. Do you offer multiple Syt discounts?

    Yes! For manufacturers and other businesses selling many different products or services, we can create a plan that's an even better value.


    For larger ecommerce sites, sale organizations, online directories and certain other businesses, we are able to offer private label products.


                       today for more information.



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