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A Strategy Consultation is included with every SmartSyt.


Additional in-depth strategy consultation and development work

are pre-estimated by project.



The first building block of any successful marketing program is the strategy.


For SmartSyts, the center of the strategy is thinking like a customer. This is the master connection that links every other piece together: the design and content, the campaign message and offer, the launchpoints and measurement analytics.


Many businesses lose sight of the customer’s true needs, then wonder

why sales are flat – or worse, declining. Others miss the mark

by sending the wrong message at the wrong time to the wrong

audience in the wrong place.


What do your customers need to know before they will

  buy from you?

Why do they buy it?

What’s important to them?

Where do they look for it?

What else do they want?


The answers to these and other questions change over time in response

to many factors in an increasingly competitive marketplace. The SmartSyt team can help your business:


Define key customer issues, messages, and content that are

  of critical importance

Explore ideas, make campaign recommendations, and suggest offer

  options for increasing client response

Research, organize and document new opportunities

Identify and deploy online launchpoint targets

Discuss possible synergy and affiliate relationships

Refine or develop social media program parameters and more


Our expertise, combined with research, enable us to build a unique strategic plan for your new and improved customer experience. This plan will also be the guide for any additional custom design and content we build for your Syt at

your request.




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SmartSyt products and services include: video marketing, social media marketing, micro websites, custom landing pages, custom micro sites, marketing analytics, branding, brand strategy,

marketing plans, & more. SmartSyts are powerful online tools for: ecommerce marketing, real estate marketing, manufacturer marketing, non-profit marketing, event marketing, crowdfunding marketing, online publishing, directory marketiing & more. We are based in Southern California and work with clients throughout greater Los Angeles, Orange County, the Inland Empire, San Diego, across the USA and internationally.

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