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What is a SmartSyt™? A SmartSyt isn’t a website. It’s an online, interactive content delivery ninja: fast, flexible, focused and powerful. SmartSyts are designed to display the expanded, specific information an online buyer needs to make a purchase decision – and for many other uses! Each Syt is video/audio/PDF ready, with a wide variety of options for offers and outlinks, all with click-quick response. Everything is bundled together in one interface with custom-branded graphics. A SmartSyt isn’t a template. We are not a DIY plug-in company. We work with our clients to develop a solid strategy, the right content and more. Our focus is to create a better customer experience that naturally leads to more sales and satisfaction. You may already have a video or other assets that are a good fit, or our team of experienced professionals can build them together with, and for you. No apps, cookies, downloads or software needed. SmartSyts stream from our servers ad-free (always!) and overlay the page the user was viewing. Many different connection points can launch Syts online (via text or icon links), and in print, on products, and more (via QR code or manual entry into a browser). SytStats™ analytics track results.
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SmartSyt products and services include: video marketing, social media marketing, custom landing pages, custom micro sites, marketing analytics, branding, brand strategy, marketing plans, & more.

SmartSyts are powerful online tools for: ecommerce marketing, real estate marketing, manufacturer marketing, non-profit marketing, event marketing, crowdfunding marketing, online publishing, directory marketiing & more. We are based in Southern California and work with clients throughout greater Los Angeles, Orange County, the Inland Empire, San Diego, across the USA & internationally.

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